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Hi, I am new to Imagej Api, I am trying to zoom in a image in display, but
the image stays the same.
I have tried IJ.runPlugIn("ij.plugin.Zoom", "in"), which works, but I want
to stick to IJ2.
I tried two ways of doing it. one is use ZoomService, another is to use
command. here is my code.

                final ImageJ ij = new ImageJ();
                final Dataset dataset =
                final ImageDisplay imageDisplay =
                                (ImageDisplay) ij.display().createDisplay(dataset);

                Context context = new Context(DefaultZoomService.class);
                ZoomService zoomService = context.getService(DefaultZoomService.class);
                CommandInfo info =
                ij.command().run(info, true);

neither work. Please tell me the standard way of doing it. TY

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