unable to access TWAIN data source

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unable to access TWAIN data source

Peter Hawkes
Hi all

We are having trouble getting ImageJ to access a live image from a Leica microscope camera - is it possible to do this?  

The setup we have is an i7 PC running Win 7 Pro 64 bit, connected to a Leica microscope / camera  via Firewire B.  Leica LAS software runs the motorfocus and camera and other programmes such as Photoshop are able to access the live camera image via File / Import / Leica DFC camera.  A prerequisite for installing LAS was to install Leica DFC Twain 7.4.0

We have followed the instructions for installing ImageJ including adding Twain_6.class to the plugins folder, adding Morina framework to ImageJ/jre/lib/ext folder.  ImageJ runs fine and we can carry out measurements on a saved image.  However we would like to be able to measure on a live image to improve efficiency (we are working with 3-D specimens that need to be correctly orientated for each measurement and it would be very tedious to have to capture and save an image with magnification info etc for each measurement).

When we try to access the camera via plugins/TWAIN 6 we get an error mesage " SK.gnome.TWAIN.TwainException: No TWAIN Data Source installed "

Can anyone please help - are we doing something wrong, or is it not possible to access a data source directly within ImageJ via Twain?  Does the code perhaps need to be tweaked to call the Leica DFC Twain 7.4.0 rather than Twain 6? Or do we need to install a Twain 6 driver and if so, where can we find this?  Please bear in mind that we are completely innocent of any programming know-how!

Best wishes

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