synchronize roi drawings on different views (axial, coronal, sagittal)

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synchronize roi drawings on different views (axial, coronal, sagittal)

Dianne Patterson
Dear Group,

I have a stack of analyze format brain images.

I want to draw rois on them, which I can view and edit in real time.
For example, I want to display all three planes of section (I can do this
with rotate image)
and then draw on one plane and see the updates in the other planes.

I tried the synch windows utilities, but it does not seem to understand that
one image is rotated relative to the other.
So, for example, if I draw at the top of my axial image (the front of the
brain), synch windows also draws at the top of my coronal
image (top of the head).. which is wrong,  because I want it to draw at the
front of the brain, not just the top of the picture...

Can anyone direct me to appropriate plugins, or perhaps appropriate
tweaks...or am I looking for a capability that does not exist?

Thanks very much,


Dianne Patterson, Ph.D.
[hidden email]
Cognition and NeuroImaging labs
University of Arizona
626-4571 (Office)