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spatial filter help


I'm new using Imagej. I want to measure the points in the surface of water waves with a video (it's a two dimensional fluid, the water has dye so I can observe only the surface), but my final video (after filtering and make binary) has a lot of noise under the surface, so i need a filter that takes every x coordinate and eliminate all the activated pixels in the y coordinate that are under the surface (I managed to completly eliminate the noise over the surface, so the maximun activated value of y its the corresponded to surface) for each frame.

It's there an Imagej funtion that do that?  It's posible to program a macro for that?. I already made a filter in matlab but is increidbly slow, and i want to implementate others imagej filters after this.

Sorry for my bad english, thanks in advance.

In the image a semifiltered frame of the vids.