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save as image sequence


I am a new ImageJ/Fiji user.

I am trying to use Fiji on linux (Devian Debian 3.2.81-2 x86_64) with using a simple Macro to save image sequences.
I used Windows version of Fiji to record the steps of Macro. and the command line works well in Windows version.
However, when I used the Fiji macro running on linux, it stopped saving up to 2330 files although the avi file contained 26997 flames.
Here is the Macro (named RunBatch.ijm) I am using:
run("Image Sequence... ", "format=TIFF digits=8 save=[./tmp/INS00000000.tif]");

The command line I used to run this Macro is following:
./ImageJ-linux64 --headless --console -macro RunBatch.ijm --memory 8200M

I would be grateful if you can give a tip to avoid this issue.

Thank you very much in advance