reading 3D volume image (interfile format) of STIR

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reading 3D volume image (interfile format) of STIR

Satyajit Ghosh
Hello everyone,

                          I am interested in knowing whether we can
visualize STIR (Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction) volume
images (interfile format with three files like - emission.v, emission.hv,
emission.ahv representing a particular volume image) through ImageJ.

                         In STIR wiki-FAQ it is given that 3D images can be
visualized through "File>Import>Raw", but I am getting a blank image.

Yours sincerely

*Satyajit Ghosh*

*Senior Research Fellow*

*Nuclear Spectroscopy and Molecular Imaging Lab,*
*Physics Department, IIT Bombay,*
*Mumbai-400076, INDIA*

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