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Rainer M. Engel
Hello there..

From time to time I have good reasons to use ImageJ beside other image
manipulation tools. Here are two questions or maybe suggestions..

1) AI usage
I recently stumbled upon a free to use software for NN/AI-Built and
training (I do not get any money from them and I'm independent from
I like the idea to collect data, normalize and to train a neural network
with it. For later usage inside of ImageJ an 'activation'-plugin would
be needed to query the network (pushing numbers to it).
There is already much available in ImageJ, which does make an
'integration' like this very neat i.e. macro language, image -> array
values and much more. I have not tested their desktop version for now,
but I intend to do so.

2) Color Picker
I like the clean and compact interface of ImageJ (it's bigger from the
inside..) and wonder why the concept of right-click on buttons of the
main menu isn't also used on the color picker. Possible options..
- Reset
- Swap BG/FG
- Open Color Picker

So much for now being unasked :)

Kind regards,

Rainer M. Engel, Dipl. Digital Artist

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