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Hi list,

I am trying to develop a custom object tracker using the
ParticleAnalyser class of imageJ. I'm aware of the plugins
ObjectTracker and MultiTracker but I have specific needs. I encounter
problems when I run the particle analyser: it keeps the options from
the last time it was called (such as drawing particles outlines and so
on) which I don't want. I want to call it silently and just extract the
information from the results table.
here is a sample of the code:

ImageStack stack = imp.getStack();
int options = 0;
int measurements = CENTROID;
ParticleAnalyzer pa;

for (int iFrame=1; iFrame<=nFrames; iFrame++) {
        pa = new ParticleAnalyzer(options, measurements, rt, minSize, maxSize);
        pa.analyze(imp, stack.getProcessor(iFrame));

I thought that the options=0 flag should set all ParticuleAnalyser's
options to false but it seems it is not the case.
I tryed also to set the variables mentionned in the Developper's API to
false. example:
        public static final int SHOW_OUTLINES=0;
        protected boolean showSizeDistribution=false;
but none of these worked either.
Does somebody here is familiar with ImageJ ParticleAnalyser

Many thanks in advance.

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