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Dear all,

In feedback with Aryeh Weiss and Volko Straub, the new version of the *Extended
Particle Analyzer* (BioVoxxel_Plugins version 2.0.1) fixes a bug (present
in the BioVoxxel_Plugins version 1.1.8, *older versions were not affected
by this*) regarding the use of the “pixel units” checkbox. Now it reacts
again as the standard IJ Analyze Particle… function. This means: activating
the “pixel units” checkbox limits the analysis to the parameters in an
uncalibrated fashion by using pixel (e.g. for area or length like the
feret). Otherwise, calibrated units will be used.

In addition, I added a new checkbox on top which enables now to separately
choose if the output table should show the values in pixels or units for
calibrated images independend of the “pixel units” checkbox. Non-calibrated
images do not show this options.

Advantage is, that you can limit object analysis by using pixels (if easier
to set) but still get the output in units or the other way around.

*So, everybody who recently used the Extended Particle Analyzer (of
BioVoxxel_Plugins version 1.1.8), please cross-check on an example that the
output is as you intended to not mix-up units and pixels in an analysis.*

For everybody running the EPA in a macro, you might need to put the “pixel”
keyword now before the area parameter limitation. The rest should not be

If there should arise any problem by using the new version let me know.



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