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measuring microplastics

Alkema, Lise
Hi all,

I am trying to measure microplastics. This should be simple but I am running into a few problems. I hope any of you can help me!

1. I am trying to obtain the length, width and height (3D) of irregularly shaped microplastic particles. Using the threshold tool & analyze particles tool, I can analyze all particles and calculate either the width and height (fitting to length and width) via bounding rectangle or the major and minor via  fit ellips. However, if I understand correctly, ImageJ either transforms the particle into a rectangle or in an ellips, resulting in different values... Does anyone have advise which one would fit best (bounding rectangle or fit ellips) or on whether it is better to use the manual measurement tool?

2. When using the analyse particles tool, imageJ measures all particles on the photo, but gives output in a random order. All photo's are placed in horizontal lines. Is there any way to get the output following these lines?

3. Does anyone know if it is possible to measure the height of the particles (apart from using the manual measurement tool)? Perhaps by using the 3D tool?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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