math processing in hyperstacks vs stacks

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math processing in hyperstacks vs stacks

Cammer, Michael-3
Question about expected behavior of Process > Math commands with hyperstacks using Fiji ImageJ 1.52v23.
Using Bioformats plugin I opened a CZI file to a hyperstack, 2 channels 16 Z, composite mode.

I drew a region of interest and did Process > Math > Set… > 25.

All channels and Z were immediately set to 25 and the Recorder said run("Set...", "value=25");

I expected a window to pop up asking if I wanted this done to the whole stack or not.  Also, I would have expected the recorder to say, given this result, run("Set...", "value=25 stack");

Would someone please let me know if these are the expected behaviors?

Which makes me wonder, will this type of syntax run("Set...", "value=25 slice"); be extended to something like this?  run("Set...", "value=25 channel");

Thank you!

Michael Cammer, Sr Research Scientist, DART Microscopy Laboratory

NYU Langone Health, 540 First Avenue, SK2 Microscopy Suite, New York, NY  10016

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