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how to use CompositeConverter

Aryeh Weiss
I have a three-image stack that I want to be a composite image.

I tried
CompositeConverter.makeComposite(inputImp)  # I am doing this in Python

because the doc says "This plugin implements the Image/Color/Make
Composite command"
and"Make Composite", "display=Composite") appears to do what I want.

However, after using CompositeConverter
inputImage.isComposite() returns False

I tried variation like
newImp = CompositeConverter.makeComposite(inputImp)
but NewImp is also not a composite image.

I found that the following works
inputImp = CompositeImage(inputImp, CompositeImage.COMPOSITE)

So all is well, but I am wonder how one uses CompositeConverter. I see
that it returns a
static ImagePlus, and maybe this is related to my not understanding the
implications of the return variable being static.

Thanks in advance

Aryeh Weiss
Faculty of Engineering
Bar Ilan University
Ramat Gan 52900 Israel

Ph:  972-3-5317638
FAX: 972-3-7384051

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