help with TrackEM2 populating project objects

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help with TrackEM2 populating project objects


I am fairly new to TrackEM2. I am using a simple template for neuronal
networks that uses area list to define the cell bodies and treelines to
define axonal/dendritic projections. After tracing 3 neurons yesterday, the
computer crashed. When I reopened TrackEM2, after loading, I got some
message similar to "We detected a crash. Please select project -->regenerate
all mipmaps." Interestingly, the z-space tab on the image viewer shows all
the created area lists, treelines, etc. and you can even click them and view
them within the image. But the directory containing all of these is not
showing up under "project objects." I thought that regenerating mipmaps, as
suggested, would bring back my entire field of project objects. This
process, for only 3 neurons (what are supposed to do when we have dozens of
neurons?) took 12-16 hours (not exactly sure when it finished because it had
to run overnight) and when I returned to it this morning, the entire file
was loaded but the project objects still are not there. Please see
screenshots to note how the "z space" shows all the tree lines, area-lists,
etc. that I created while not associating them with the project in the
project object viewer.

Lab Technician
Mass Eye and Ear, Boston, MA

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