help getting started with FlowJ?

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help getting started with FlowJ?

David Schaffer
I have recently discovered FlowJ and want to test in on some image
stacks we have.
However, I'm having some trouble getting decent documentation.
I have the Abramoff IEEE paper from 2000 and the basic documentation.
But sadly the document seems old (the current interface window does
not fully conform).
For instance, the interface has an entry Mapping type with an option
for "quiver", but this seems not to work.
All I can seem to get is dynamic color maps (DCMs).
There is a parameter "support" that is the number of frames centered
on the frame being computed, that seems not to be an option in the

Can anyone point me to FlowJ documentation that corresponds to the
version in ImageJ I have (V 1.52n)?

I'm just learning about vision flow, so any help much appreciated.
Many thanks,

J. David Schaffer
Visiting Research Professor
College of Community and Public Affairs
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
[hidden email]

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