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Thomas Suchyna

I have been trying to divide a stack of images by a corresponding list of numbers generated from Plot Z-axis Profile command. The stack contains temporal images of a fluorescent nuclear protein that outlines the perimeter of the nucleus. I want to obtain the nuclear area within this perimeter for each image. Problem is the fluorescent protein is a probe that changes intensity during he experiment. So when I try to threshold the images using the default method, each time point has a different intensity which skews the area larger for brighter time points. I tried googling to find queries from people with similar problems, but nothing was quite the same problem. I've tried using different methods for thresholding. I've tried to using stack normalization set to 0. I've tried using process Find Edges. None seem to produce fluorescent images with good intensity stabilization or which is needed to accurately determine the area change over time.

So I would like to try scaling each image using an ROI from an internal region of the nucleus. This should do a better job of stabilizing the perimeter intensities over time.  I can generate a list of numbers from the Plot Z-axis Profile command, but I don't know how to divide each image by the corresponding number in the list. Does anyone know of a macro that allows you to apply a math function to each image using a corresponding value from a list?



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