display fsl nifti *.nii DTI vector file in full color?

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display fsl nifti *.nii DTI vector file in full color?

Dianne Patterson
Hi All,

I am hoping someone can offer me a little direction:

I am doing some work with dti images in fsl.
In fsl, I can display the primary diffusion direction image (V1)
over the FA image and see a nice color map...
Sadly, fsl offers me no vector graphics drawing capability....

I want to display the color map in ImageJ, but when I import the V1 image,
it is just greyscale and claims to be 32 bit (128x128 and 57 slices, all of
which appears to be correct)
my feeble attempts to convert it to color have failed:
Image->Color->Convert Stack to RGB results in the message "2 or 3 slice
stack, or composite color stack required".
When I split the V1 image into R, G and B components in FSL, I still get the
same error message...

I've looked at JDTI's online description, but it seems to be a tool with a
different goal (creating the FA and vector images from the raw dicom in the
first place)...and I really just want to display what I've already
got...which is eddy current corrected ....

Can anyone suggest any pointers?



Dianne Patterson, Ph.D.
[hidden email]
University of Arizona
SHLS 328