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current (minor?) issues

Kenneth Sloan-3
a) still wondering why OpenDialog(title) does not display the title anywhere.
   (ImageJ 1.51m9, mac OS/X Sierra 10.12.5, macBookPro)
b) now wondering : I can position a NonBlockingGenericDialog window - but…can I determine
    where it is after the user has re-positioned it?
    The application is a crowded screen, which (for various reasons) I can’t completely control.
    I’d like to position the dialog window at (0,0) in the general case, but sometimes that’s not
    ideal.  And…if the user moves it, I’d like to put the *next* dialog window where he moved the last one.
    Is this possible?

If my previous question was answered, it somehow disappeared from my view.  Please cc: me directly (and, of
course, answer to the list).

Kenneth Sloan
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