bug in first column of array when column is empty?

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bug in first column of array when column is empty?

Cammer, Michael-3
I have run into what I think is a bug, but it's not always reproducible.

The problem is with a table.  We've been using a macro for over a month without any issue, but tonight, when the first column of a table is an array of zero length, sometimes the column gets filled with zeroes.  When I move the same code to a later column in the table, the column is empty.  More vexing, when I set the moved array to have a few elements but leave the new first column empty, the column is not filled with zeroes, hence my comment that this is not always reproducible.  I checked printing the length of the array, and the length is reported as zero.

I have put an illustration of the problem at


It's not critical as a column filled with zeros can be ignored in the analysis because there never will be a zero in real data, but it is odd.

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