all "4-connected" distances in a regular rectangular grid

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all "4-connected" distances in a regular rectangular grid

Aryeh Weiss
Is there a plugin or simple way to find all of the "4-connected"
distances in a rectangular grid. For example, in the attached image, I
want all of the distances that are along the X-Y axes of the grid (in
this case they are 45 degrees relative to the image coordinates).

This would be the 4 nearest neighbors for points in the middle ( as I
try to indicate with the cyan lines).
There are plugins that find the nearest neighbors
(eg BAR>Data Analysis>NN Distances), but I want all of the distances.

Before I write something to do this, I wonder if either it already
exists, of there is a simple way to do it with the existing tools.

Thank in advance

Aryeh Weiss
Faculty of Engineering
Bar Ilan University
Ramat Gan 52900 Israel

Ph:  972-3-5317638
FAX: 972-3-7384051

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