about an medical image annotation tool based on imageJ

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about an medical image annotation tool based on imageJ

Hi all,

The requirement of annotation for training deep learning network is constantly increasing.

However, annotation tools such as labelme: http://labelme2.csail.mit.edu/Release3.0/index.php

or labelimg : https://github.com/tzutalin/labelImg are only designed for jpg or png images.

Medical image is in dicom format, and can be easily opened in ImageJ.

Also imagej provide annotation tools.

Is there any tool available for dicom annotation??

It would be good if it can save multiple bounding-boxes in various slices of one volume (CT or MRI)

in one file, as this is a common application. ex: lung nodule annotation etc.

Is there any toolbox already developped?

                        Best regards, Xin

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