VSI Reader not picking up series

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VSI Reader not picking up series

Hi there,

I have recently updated my Fiji ImageJ program however once I try to open
the VSI reader and the respective .vsi file, it comes up with this error
message below. I need to open the image with 3 series but as you can see,
the program says that there are no series...

This window contains data the macro needs. Please don't close it
Series ID : I:\Abiramy S........vsi
Image Folder : I:\Abiramy S.....
totSeries : 1
Mode : Basic
Has Label : No
Has Overview : Yes
Has Macro Image : No
Has Mask : No
Number Of Series : 0

In the Console Section it states:
CellSensReader initializing I:\............
[WARN] Missing expected .ets files in I:\Abi.........

However, my ets files are present in the same folder under multiple

If someone could please help me with this.

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