Troubleshooting on Samsung TV Subtitles Problems

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Troubleshooting on Samsung TV Subtitles Problems

We always need to add subtitles to the foreign-language movies and videos for
better understanding. However, when playing the subtitles on Samsung TV, you
may have the problem that you can't play the subtitles. How to work it out?
Just follow this article.
Perfect Method to Solve Issue about Subtitle on Samsung TV*
Because this Samsung subtitles issue involves many aspects, you hardly find
the root cause unless you eliminate other possible causes one by one, such
as the compatibility, firmware versions, the file path and name, etc. To put
things right once and for all, you can hard code the subtitles into the
video and make it become a part of the video. In this way, it’s impossible
to remove the subtitles so you can play the subtitles on Samsung TV for
good. In this case, you need a professional tool like WonderFox HD Video
Converter Faactory Pro. It can help you to add subtitles to video and
convert the video to Samsung TV.

So it's time to learn how to play subtitles on Samsung TV with WonderFox HD
Video Converter Factory Pro.
1. Add the targeted video file by clicking the “Add Files” button. You can
also drag videos in batches to the program directly.

2. After adding the videos, you will find that there are menu bars below
each pack. Click the “T” icon to add the subtitle file you have downloaded.
If the video has a built-in subtitle that is the one you want to play on
Samsung TV, choose it directly.
Tips: Samsung SRT is one of the most compatible subtitle formats. When you
download subtitles online, please pay attention to its formats.

Sometimes, you may come cross the problem that Samsung doesn’t support the
video you want to play for incompatibility. In case of this issue, you’d
better choose the output format as “Samsung”.
Click the “Output Format” on the right and choose “Samsung”, then go “HD TV”
or other specific model. In this way, you can also convert video to Samsung

3.It’s time to start the conversion. Go back to the main interface and click
the blue “Run”. Now you can play the subtitles via USB on Samsung smoothly.


Other Practical Solutions to Samsung TV Subtitles Problem
If you still want to find the cases that cause this problem, you might as
well check the following factors.
1. Make sure the subtitles of your videos are Samsung TV SRT files or other
formats like SUB, SSA, ASS, etc. For more supported formats, you can visit
Samsung Support websites.
2. Make sure that the Subtitle function has been enabled.
3. The video and subtitle files need to be renamed properly with the same
name and put in the same folder.
4. Update the firmware to the latest version regularly to avoid subtitle
problems caused by the faulty old firmware.
5. Most of you like to play subtitles on Samsung TV via USB. However, the
slow data transmission of USB may also lead to subtitles not displaying or
video and subtitle not synchronizing. Please replace the USB devices in
After trying the methods above, I believe you have known how to play
subtitles on Samsung TV. Also I heartily suggest you to burn in the
subtitles with HD Video Converter Factory Pro to save more energies and
money. Moreover, if you have other troubles while playing video on Samsung,
such as Samsung TV MKV not playing, Samsung TV MP4 playback error and more,
this software can also help you to solve those Samsung TV problems easily.

This is the overall solutions to Samsung TV subtitles problems:
If you want to know more about how to do in detail. Why not check it out

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