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Phase GmbH

I tried the small macro below and hoped to find a new tool icon (showing "Tif") in the tool bar. But there was no new tool icon. In the  Maco menu (Plugins/Macros) I found the entry:

Tiff Import - C059T0e11TT8e11iTde11f

When starting the macro from the macro menu it is properly working.
However when I open the file containing the Example Tool macros (ExampleTool.txt) and replace the icon code by that from above, I get the Tif tool icon. Very strange.

I am Using WindowsXP Prof. and ImageJ 1.34s

What is wrong? Why I do not get the tool icon, although I deleted the macos Unused Tool-1 and -2 from StartupMacros.txt before?


macro "Tiff Import - C059T0e11TT8e11iTde11f"
file= getDirectory("home");
macro "-"{}