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Stitching Folder by folder

Hi all,

I amm currently imaging a biological sample with light sheet microscope. I
am recording images as tiles. Recording folder contains sub folders which
their names are integer numbers which represent each step in z-direction.
Each sub folder includes about 7-10 images to be stitched. The quantity of
sub folders are within the range of 400-700. So far I'm doing stitching my
using the plugin known as Stitch grid of images manually. It takes too much
time and it is so tedious. I would like to write a macro code which goes
each sub folder and stitch the images and save it.

For example,
Subfolder No.1 = Folder Name is 1, contains 7 images which are saved as
1.tif, 2.tif, 3.tif ..., 7.tif (7 images to be stitched.)
Subfolder No.2 = Folder Name is 2, contains 7 images which are saved as
1.tif, 2.tif, 3.tif ..., 7.tif

I want to give the input/output directory, image number and sub folder
number manually. Then it start scanning sub folders with the increment of 1
and stitch the images.

How can I achieve this task?

I hope my problem is clear.
Thank you in advance.

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