Sorting results from two different confocal channels

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Sorting results from two different confocal channels

Hello world.

I took confocal images with two fluorescent channels,
one is expressed from specified cell for reference and area,
the other one is expressed from target gene promoter.
Both fluorescences theoretically localize at same position.

After thresholding process, now I am trying to measure the intensity of the
two channels.
I am considering of using the intensity from a slice which has the largest
fluorescence area size,
thus to make the process easier, after measuring both channels, I ran

The thing is, while all other rows of results are rearranged,
the name of slice (which is the name of fluorescence) is not rearranged by
Which means, two values which share same area comes to the lowest row
without name tags, making difficult (impossible) to recognize which is
Is there any way to recognize it or can you let me know what is the
secondary rule in the sorting process when the value of first sorting rule
that I designated is same?
When I look at few sorted results, it seems like the order of sorted line
are settled,
but yet I am worried if there is any chance that those lines are rearranged
in some rules which could be reversed.
Thank you for reading and answering.

for (i=2;i<=16;i=i+1) {

        roiManager("Open", "directory//");
        run("Set Measurements...", "area integrated stack display redirect=None

        saveAs("Results", "directory//_intensity.csv");
        run("Clear Results");
        run("Close All");

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