Small issue on the use of arrow_keys

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Small issue on the use of arrow_keys

Philippe CARL
Dear all,

When creating a ROI (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle or oval selections) it is
possible to change the position of the created ROI by using the arrow_keys
as well as its size with Alt + arrow_keys.

And in this case, the position as well as the size of the ROI gets correctly
updated within the ImageJ Status_Bar.

Similarly, if I create an Arrow_Tool, the created arrow position / size can
as well be modified using the arrow_keys / Alt + arrow_keys.

But the data within the Status_Bar are only updated when the arrow is
displaced (and not when its size is modified).

Also is there a reason why it isn’t possible to change the size of a
Rotaded_Rectangle as well as a Elliptical_selections ROI by using the Alt +

My best regards,



Philippe CARL

Laboratoire de Bioimagerie et Pathologies

UMR 7021 CNRS - Université de Strasbourg

Faculté de Pharmacie

74 route du Rhin


Tel : +33(0)3 68 85 41 84

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