Shifting y coordinates of image stack with Macro

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Shifting y coordinates of image stack with Macro

Hello, I am working on aligning a stack of images with ImageJ.

I am using the Image->Transform->Translate... to shift the images with set
up: X=0, Y=6, Interpolation=None. It is ok for me to do it one by one image,
but I have a lot of images.

I would like to create a Macro file to import the stack image with format
Tiff, 16-bit, 500*1024 pixels.

Assume I have 30 images in stack, and I would like to shift them all.  
My images have the distance from the Ymin to Ymax = 172, and it is shifting
6 units per frame. So I think the function should be newY=Y+6, newY1=newY+6,

Thanks for your help.

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