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Separating the domains

anusuya pal

Greetings o f the day!

I want to find the mean intensity of the domain for various positions For
convenience, I have attached two images. What I mean by domain is shown by
green circle on each image. It is to be noted that the domains are changing
its orientation at various positions. And here the problem starts.

1. If I do the oval or circular selection and then crop the image and find
the mean intensity for various positions, it's not perfectly covering the
area of the domain.
2. If I do free hand selection and try to cover the domain for each
position, then, the area of the selection is different for each case, and
thus make the mean intensity variation. If this is the case, the variation
of intensity is coming because of the difference in the area, not from the
domain which is not correct.

What should I do? It will be very helpful, if I get some suggestions.


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