Release of Bio-Formats 5.7.0

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Release of Bio-Formats 5.7.0

David Gault (Staff)
Dear all,

Today we are releasing Bio-Formats 5.7.0 which includes the following changes:

File format fixes and improvements:

  *   Imaris HDF
     *   fixed resolution problems in which dimensions and resolution order were incorrectly calculated (thanks to Eliana Andreica)
  *   Nikon NIS-Elements ND2
     *   fixed a bug in offset calculation when native chunk map is being used
  *   MetaMorph
     *   corrected delta T and position Z values for multi-channel images when channels are split across multiple files
  *   Amnis FlowSight
     *   better handling of exceptions in isThisType method (thanks to Claire McQuin)
  *   PicoQuant Bin
     *   better handling of exceptions in isThisType method (thanks to Claire McQuin)

Bug fixes and improvements:

  *   reviewed and corrected URLs throughout the Bio-Formats source code
  *   updated Bio-Formats Macro Extensions list with a missing function
  *   added a new option in Bio-Formats plugins to configure the slice label display using patterns

Documentation improvements:

  *   added new format page for OMERO Pyramid<>
  *   updated the developer page for Working with whole slide images<>
  *   added new page for configuring options in Bio-Formats plugins<>
  *   updated documentation sidebar to enable navigation of previous versions

Full details can be found at

The software is available at:
and will shortly be available from the Java-8 update site for Fiji users.

Any problems or comments, please use the OME Forums or mailing lists:


The OME Team

The University of Dundee is a registered Scottish Charity, No: SC015096

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