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Michael A. Miller
>>>>> "amagri" == amagri  <[hidden email]> writes:

    > This is not exactly an imageJ related question, but does
    > anyone know what type of units PET images as DICOMs are
    > displayed in?  I ask because I plan on making a plugin to
    > convert the images to units of SUV.

The image intensity should be calculated as

  intensity = pixel_value * Rescale_Slope + Rescale_Intercept

The units should then be whatever is in the Units tag.  On recent
CTI/Siemens scanners, they are often Bq/ml.  Here are some
relevant bits from a sample image from a biograph-16:

0008,0008  Image Type: ORIGINAL\PRIMARY
0008,0060  Modality: PT
0008,0070  Manufacturer: CPS
0008,1090  Manufacturer's Model Name: 1080
0010,1030  Patient's Weight: 85.806
0028,1052  Rescale Intercept: 0
0028,1053  Rescale Slope: 5.7729044
0028,1054  Rescale Type: BQML

This is from ImageJ's show info command.  The additional tags
that you'll need are the "Radiopharmaceutical Information
Sequence" (0x0054,0x0016) and the "Decay Correction" method
(0x0054,0x1102).  I have never seen a PET header that includes
height, so I suspect you will not be able to do the lean body
mass correction without additional input.