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Tiago Ferreira-2
Hi Jason,

On 2013.04.02, at 15:11, Stanko, Jason (NIH/NIEHS) [E] wrote:
> I’m having trouble figuring out how to overlay images. I’ve attached two figures.
> I want to overlay the skeleton image on the red channel image to see how
> accurate the skeletonized reproduction is.  Can you help?

1) Select the skeleton image. Run 'Edit>Invert', as needed, so that the background
   of the skeleton becomes 0

2) Run 'Image>Stacks>Images to Stack'

3) Convert the newly stack to a multi-channel composite image using the 'Channels'
   widget ('Image> Color>Channels Tool'). You can now toggle the visibility of the
   skeleton image when in Composite mode. You may need to re-apply the grayscale
   LUT to  the original image using the 'More>>' dropdown menu

You could also try:
1) 'Image>Overlay>Add image'

2) Converting the skeleton into a ROI ('Edit>Selection>Create Selection') and add
   it to the image overlay ('Image>Overlay>Add selection')
3) Use the transparent modes of Paste control ('Edit>Paste Control...') or
   'Process>Image Calculator'
Hope that helps,

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