ROI Manager headless mode (can't use overlays)

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ROI Manager headless mode (can't use overlays)


I wrote an ImageJ macro to do some nuclei analisys and I can't use the
headless mode due to the ROI Manager.
I searched a lot and the main answer is to use the overlays. My main problem
is that you can not "split" a composite overlay (like we do in ROI Manager).
I also couldn't split the selection, before converting it to the overlays.

[My images have the selection of several nuclei and this selection is made
automatically with edit>selection>create selection. So, my image has a
composite selection of several "oval-like" poligons and I don't know how to
split it. With the ROI Manager I would add this selection to the ROI and
then split them]

Thank you everybody!

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