RGB conversion

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RGB conversion

IMAGEJ doc's says...

RGB images are converted to grayscale using the formula
gray=0.299red+0.587green+0.114blue or the formula gray=(red+green+blue)/3
if "Unweighted RGB to Grayscale Conversion" is checked in
Edit/Options/Conversions (ImageJ 1.32g or later).

When is an appropriate time to use the unweighted conversion method? (or for
that matter when is appropriate to ue the weighted conversion?)

Let's say you have a TIFF of RGB intensities (but Red channel is empty), and
you want to convert it to 8bit grayscale images.

would you hav to rolling ball bacground subtract the RGB image then split them
usin gone of the conversion method?

or do you split them using one of th4e conversion methods and then background
subtract using rolling ball?

or is there no academic standards on such order of conversions and

Any thoughts are welcome

thanks all in advance

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Re: RGB conversion

no takers?

any thoughts are welcome.