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Sinead McKinney
Hi there,

I' m new to ImageJ and was wondering if anyone could help?

I'm using ImageJ, with the FracLac plugin.  My purpose of using ImageJ is to calculate the fractal dimension of images.  In the beginning i want to calculate the fractal dimension of images i know the fractal dimension of to verify that the software is giving me the answer it should.  I will then go on to use the software in my project to calculate the fractal dimension of electrical break down.

Here i have opened up the the Sierpinski Carpet, a 14KB png image.  Can anyone explain why only 25% of the image is being shown?  The images i will use in my project will be a lot larger than this, yet only 25% of this image is being shown??  What size of images can ImageJ work with? Also to what extent is advisable to scale an image?  I'm assuming it's best to scale the image before carrying out the box count and then scan??


Previously i have been calculating the box counting dimension as so.

Load the image of my choice

Go to plugins in the tool bar-> Fractal analysis -> FracLac (the image below appears)

I then select BC -> OK everything -> select DB dimension

I then select scan.


Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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