Problems loading image from streaming servlet

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Problems loading image from streaming servlet

Markus Krischke
Hello everybody,

we´re using the imagej applet in a web application in combination with dicom
images. Our application is running on a Windows 2003 machine with Tomcat
5.0, connected via ISAPI filter with IIS 6.0. The images for the applet are
accessed by a streaming servlet which simply writes the image data to the
outputstream of the browser.

As long as i access our application directly via Tomcat this works perfect.
However, when i access the application via IIS the applet loads the image
only on every 3rd or 4th reload of the page. If it´s not loading the image
only displays the url which it tries to open but no status bar appears.

Did anyone have similar problems accessing images over an url? Is there a
known problem in IIS/Tomcat scenarios?

Thanks a lot for your help,