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Princeton University/Molecular Biology; MOL Research Software Engineer

Gary Laevsky-2
Dear Colleagues – Please see the job posting below (and attached) for a MOL
Research Software Engineer. The individual in this position will reside in
MOL and work exclusively with MOL labs, but will be managed by OIT as part
of a group of software engineers.  Please forward to colleagues here or
elsewhere who may know of qualified candidates.

Research Computing/Molecular Biology      RESEARCH SOFTWARE ENGINEER

     Do you want to help enable and advance groundbreaking Molecular
Biology research through software development? Do you have a background in
research but love to write code? Are you looking to apply your scientific
programming expertise to a novel set of research problems? If so, Princeton
University's Research Computing department is recruiting a Research
Software Engineer to join the fast-growing Research Software Engineering
(RSE) Group.

     In this position, you will be an integral member of multiple research
teams focused on cutting-edge computational molecular biology and
bioinformatics research. You will join teams of researchers associated with
the Department of Molecular Biology to provide computational expertise in
algorithm development and software design in order to create high-quality
and sustainable research code.

     This position will require you to work closely with colleagues in the
Office of Information Technology (OIT) as well as with faculty,
student/postdoctoral researchers, and technical staff in Molecular Biology
to enable and accelerate research software development within the


•    Lead and co-lead the design and construction of increasingly complex
research software systems. In particular, develop tools to assist
researchers with image processing and algorithms for analyzing
high-throughput quantitative DNA and RNA sequence analysis.
•    Provide technical expertise and guidance for improving the performance
and quality of existing computational code bases.
•    Understand and address software engineering questions that arise in
research planning.
•    Maintain knowledge of current and future software development tools
and techniques, programming languages, and computing hardware.
•    Transfer knowledge, expertise, and methodologies by providing
technical assistance and mentorship to graduate students and postdoctoral

     •    Strong programming skills, particularly in languages used in
Molecular Biology applications (e.g. Python, C, C++, R, MATLAB).
•    Demonstrated successes working in a collaborative software development
environment as well as independently.
•    Ability to learn new systems beyond area of core knowledge.
•    Ability to communicate effectively with a diverse user base having
varied levels of technical proficiencies.

Interested candidates should apply at and search 8813
under staff positions.
Princeton University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment
without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation,
gender identity or expression, national origin, disability status,
protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Gary Laevsky, Ph.D.
Director, Confocal Imaging Facility
Nikon Center of Excellence
Dept. of Molecular Biology
Washington Rd.
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey, 08544-1014
(O) 609 258 5432
(C) 508 507 1310

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