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Positions in Image Analysis

Stephan Preibisch
Dear ImageJ List,

the Preibisch lab (http://www.preibisch.net <http://www.preibisch.net/>) at the Berlin Institute of Medical Systems Biology and the Reber lab (http://www.thereberlab.com <http://www.thereberlab.de/>) at the IRI Berlin have job openings for talented software/algorithm developers:

Computational Position (Preibisch lab, PhD/Postdoc) - C. elegans image reconstruction (goo.gl/mmFVFh <http://goo.gl/mmFVFh>)
Computational Position (Preibisch & Reber lab, Postdoc) - Analysis of 4D time-lapse fluorescence microscopy (goo.gl/YKZNh7 <http://goo.gl/YKZNh7>)

If you are interested please contact me: [hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]> - the job listings are also available on the webpage http://www.preibisch.net <http://www.preibisch.net/>

Also, if you are so kind to forward the job openings it would be highly appreciated!

All the best,
Stephan Preibisch

Dr. Stephan Preibisch
Group Leader

Berlin Institute of Medical Systems Biology of the MDC

email: [hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>
web: http://www.preibisch.net/ <http://fly.mpi-cbg.de/preibisch>

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