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Pie Continued

Gary Laevsky
Hello all,

I'm continuing with my efforts from the previous post with some success.  I
use the angle tool to analyze particles within a particular region, then
rotate the image 10 degrees, and do it again.  I can subtract the inner
cells and crunch the ratio.  This works great.  I'm trying to write a macro
that will automate this 36 times per image.

When I try to record the macro, it shows me selecting the tool but not the
size or location.  I tried doing it with the polygon selection tool, but it
doesn't save the parameters for that either (only the rectangle, oval, and
line tools).

I tried using the roi manager, the macro saves the location of the roi, but
when I run it, it says the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax
is incorrect (and I used the recorder to put it in).

Sorry for the basic call for help.  Thanks again.


Gary Laevsky, Ph.D.
Keck Facility Manager, CenSSIS
Northeastern University
302 Stearns
360 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
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