Percent shear and cleavage in CVN specimens

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Percent shear and cleavage in CVN specimens

Ken George
Dear ImageJ User Group,

We are looking at fracture surfaces of Chapry v-notch (CVN) specimens. Brittle cleavage and ductile shear fracture mechanisms are visible in the fracture surface morphology. We would like to use ImageJ analysis to accurately discern the area fraction of of each.

Cleavage appears as facets and is, for the most part, brighter than shear. However, when I threshold the cleavage, a large percentage of cleavage is not captured. There are dark facets between bright facests.

I made a standard where I pasted a known area of cleavage with a background of shear. Can anyone give me some hints on how improve our analyses?

I have posted two slide here. One is a standard that I would like advice on how to analyze for area percents.  The other is my first attempt with standard thresholding that does not capture all the cleavage.

Thank you.

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