Overlap between two Line ROIs

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Overlap between two Line ROIs

Hi, Any help how to go about the following analysis is appreciated.

I have two images. In each image, I  have a bunch of verticle straight
lines. Now I would like to compute the number of total verticle lines
overlapping with each other. If two lines from two images are 50% or more
overlap then I consider one line is overlapping. Similarly, I would
eventually compute how many such lines are overlapping between the two

With ImageJ can draw lines, and export the lines co-ordinates. One logic is
that - from ROI I need to create some sort of boundary for each line, then
compute how many pixels in across two boundaries are overlapping, set the
threshold for overlapping, and if that threshold is matched then I run a for
loop to count each event of overlaps for each ROIs. How can I create the
boundary and ask for pixel position match in imageJ.

Any help is great!

thank you

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Re: Overlap between two Line ROIs

Dear pduw,

You could try to threshold both images, run an "Analyze Particles...." on the first images and store the ROIs in the ROI manager. Next, use the Image Calculator XOR option to find the difference between the images.

something like:

overlap = 0;
imageCalculator("XOR create", title, title2);
selectWindow("Result of "+title);
for (i = 0; i < roiManager("count"); i++) {
 roiManager("Select", i);
 Plot.getValues(x, y);
 print (y[0], y[255]);
 if (y[0]>= y[255])
  overlap = overlap + 1;
 selectWindow("Histogram of Result");

Best wishes


Dr Ir K.R. Straatman
Advanced Imaging Facility
Centre for Core Biotechnology Services
University of Leicester

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