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OpenDialog not displaying title?

Kenneth Sloan-3
I’m struggling with out of date and out of sync versions - but seem to have a working
set up (for the time being).  Working well enough to generate a bug I can’t fix.

Setup: MacBookPro, MacOS 10.12.5, Java 1.7.0_45

I’m building things using ‘ant’ (not my choice - following a precedent established by others)
It appears to specify “src” and “target” as 1.6.  I suspect this may have been to remain
compatible with ImageJ or FIJI several years ago.  I have several clients, running both
Mac and WinDoze, and am trying to change as little as possible.

Now…under FIJI, my plugin simply cases FIJI to crash (probably when I run BioFormats to input
a .vsi file).

So…following advice I got from a previous, similar problem, I downloaded an installed the version
of ImageJ bundled with Java 1.8.  After fixing the PathRandomization problem, my plugin runs!


on OpenDialog(“title”) - the “title” does not appear in the file chooser window.

FIRST PRIORITY - how can I fix this?

SECOND PRIORITY - what configuration (system wide Java, version of ImageJ or FIJI) would you recommend?

THIRD PRIORITY - same question, for a WinDoze virtual machine.  Again, using ‘ant’ to build .jar files.

LAST PRIORITY - the existing incarnation of the ‘ant’ build.xml file appears to build .jar files with
no source code included.  Hints as to how to change this to distribute source code would be appreciated.

A lot of questions here - but please note the PRIORITY.  My first goal is to get things working.

Eventually, I suspect that I need to upgrade my system-wide Java to 1.8, modify ant’s build.xml to specify src and target as 1.8, and run a version of ImageJ or FIJI that supports 1.8.  And then make my clients upgrade, too.
I heard a rumbling today that 1 client is also running FIJI for some things…and ImageJ for others.

But, right now, I just want to fix the OpenDialog bug.

Kenneth Sloan
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Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

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