Non-default ordering in Stacks to Hyperstacks... command with virtual stacks

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Non-default ordering in Stacks to Hyperstacks... command with virtual stacks

Jeff Hardin-2
Hi all,
I hope you’re all doing well.

Trying to make the most of my COVID-restricted time, I’m trying to import some really old 4d movies from my lab that were made using some QuickTime for Java-based  plugins I wrote many years ago. As QTJ is deprecated on modern 64-bit systems (in particular, MacOS Catalina and beyond), I’m trying to use the ffmpeg plugin in Fiji to import them. They are large, so it is far more efficient to import each movie as a Virtual Stack.

The initial import as a virtual hyperstack works great with many movies. Unfortunately, the ordering of the images in the original is xyctz. This means that when I try to convert to a Hyperstack with the correct ordering, ImageJ tells me that the Stacks to Hyperstacks…  command must use the default ordering when using virtual stacks..

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a workaround to execute the equivalent of the Stacks to Hyperstacks... command on virtual stacks without the default ordering (xyczt). If no such workaround exists, I’d like to request that a future update to ImageJ add this capability.

Thanks to everyone who makes this even close to possible with 20-yr old data!

Best regards,

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