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New microscopy solutions platform

Kirmse, Robert
Dear ImageJ/Fiji users,

We are delighted to let you know that the beta version of ZEISS-sponsored microscopy solutions platform, APEER, is now open for membership. Please sign up here and run your workflow today!

APEER is a new paradigm for microscopy software solutions where the complexity of workflows is simplified through easy to use modules. It offers infrastructure needed for you to build and execute your own software modules using any programming language of your choice including, Python, Java, C#, OAD scripts and even Fiji/imageJ scripts. Computation can be scaled up by requesting GPU processing for your modules. You can combine your private and public modules to create meaningful workflows for your specific jobs to be done.

Thanks to the first members, APEER evolved into a  powerful, scalable, and easy to use platform for the microscopy community. We are excited to see how your software solutions will shape the future of microscopy!

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Robert Kirmse

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