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New Release: EasyOrientation_3-1- x

Dear ImageJ-users,

"Easy Orientation" a "Macro Tool Set" for global orientation analyses
provides several new features, such as stack processing with orientation
histograms as corresponding stacks.

New as well is the step-by-step screenshot-based installation-guide for

"Easy Orientation" comes with detailed ReadMe- and Help-files.
Everything is accessible from here:

The development of "Easy Orientation" was motivated by several requests
for simple orientation analyses. Global “Power Spectrum”-based
orientation analyses by the macro tool "Easy Orientation Analysis" show
very good performance and the commonly required pre-processing is
already included. Furthermore, the crucial highpass-setting, that most
often is neglected, is simplified by the companion tool "Orientation
Highpass Test".

In short, the macro tool set "Easy Orientation" allows for easy to
perform, high quality global orientation analyses:
        "single parameter, two-click operation"

For a comparison with related ImageJ add-ons, please consult this
contribution to the ImageJ-list:



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