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New Release: EasyFocus_1-1- x

Dear ImageJ-users,

"Easy Focus", a Macro that returns the best focused slice of a stack
that represents a focus series, provides several new features.

Besides the processing of a single focus series (z-stack) or a temporal
sequence of focus series (4D-hyperstack), it now also handles focus
series of colour channels (4D-hyperstack).

New as well is the step-by-step screenshot-based installation-guide for

"Easy Focus" comes with detailed ReadMe- and Help-files. Everything is
accessible from here:

The development of "Easy Focus" was motivated by several requests for
easy to perform, fast and accurate focus analyses.

Compared to similar approaches available for ImageJ, "Easy Focus" is
clearly faster. It provides superior results, when compared to standard
approaches such as those investigated by Mir et al. (2014)

In short, the macro "Easy Focus" allows for easy to perform, fast and
high quality focus analyses of focus series:
        "no parameters, on-click operation"



*An often ignored fact about focus analyses*
The best focused slice needs not be perfectly in focus because it merely
is the relatively best focused slice of a focus series according to a
kind of "majority decision" regarding the focus of the slice.
Consequently, the results will strongly depend on the depth-resolution
of the focus series and on the image content.
Especially for imaged 3D-objects, regional focus analyses (using small
ROIs) provide more meaningful results than global ones.

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