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Modifying Summary Columns

Hello ImageJ Community, I hope this request finds you all well.

I am currently trying to modify the columns that are being output from my
results. I would like my summary to include (total area, max particle size,
mean particle size, possibly standard deviation)

I am running the following batch micro on a folder -

  first = 100;
  nBins = 256;
  run("Clear Results");
  thold = 0;
  getHistogram(values, counts, nBins);
  for (i=first; i<nBins; i++) {
      if (counts[i]>125 && counts[i]>counts[i-1]) {
          thold = i-1;
          i = 300;

setThreshold(0, thold);
setOption("BlackBackground", false);
run("Convert to Mask");
makeRectangle(150, 100, 1075, 885);
run("Analyze Particles...", "  circularity=.1-1.00 display clear include
see attached images for reference of current results

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