Measuring and counting hollow ellipses

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Measuring and counting hollow ellipses

I am new to imageJ/fiji and I am trying to measure number and size of
xylem cells in a cross section of the plants I am working with. I have tried
to use the Hough circle transformation plugin but it seems to be slightly
off. Any help would be much appreciated.  

I have attached raw and segmented images of my cross section for reference.

I have counted everything manually and the number of xylem cells for this
cross section came out to ~486 with an average diameter of ~28um. When using
Hough circle transformation I retrieved 500 cells (or the highest number
that I cut it off at) with an average diam of 24.54um. It seems like they
are very similar but when you look at the segment overlay (image attached)
you see that the Hough circle transformation is erroneously adding circles.

Thank you,


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