Making Histogram of Multipoints

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Making Histogram of Multipoints

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Hey there!

I'm completely new to imageJ and need to analyze some data. Is it possible
to make a histogram of the distribution of multipoints, something like 'plot
profile'? Basically I have three different classes of multipoints and I
would like to analyze, how they are distributed in a selected area. I
couldn't find any possibility to do so... Is there even one?

Has anyone an idea?

Many thanks in advance!!

We have annotated synapses and cells in a brain slice and want to see, how they are distributed in specific areas. To see the distribution in the tissue, we would need a histogram with a specific bin size (for example 40 microns) which shows us, how many synapses/cells are in one bin in this specific area. I have been told, that ImageJ can do that, but unfortunately I don't know how.

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