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Macro-releases of the "Easy"-series

Dear ImageJ-listers and experts!

The first two macros of the "Easy"-series for special image analyses are
ready for download...

Both rely on ImageJ-plugins of mine that are already available for free
since several years. The "Easy"-macros however, avoid the struggle with
the complexity of many parameters that normally need to be well-chosen
and that must be properly understood.

1. "Easy Orientation" (core plugin: "Slice Integrals")
Download from:

 From the ReadMe-doc:

-- "Easy Orientation" is a “Macro Tool Set” for “ImageJ” that consists
of two “Action Tools”, namely
        "Easy Orientation Analysis"
                performing global “Power Spectrum”-based orientation
                analyses of up to seven, optionally highpass-filtered
                images, and
        "Orientation Highpass Test"
                performing such analyses on a single image that is
                filtered by seven pre-defined highpasses.
-- Easy Orientation does not work with image-stacks.

The development of "Easy Orientation" was motivated by several requests
for simple orientation analyses. Global “Power Spectrum”-based
orientation analyses by the macro tool "Easy Orientation Analysis" show
very good performance and the commonly required pre-processing
(windowing and DC-removal) is already included. Furthermore, the crucial
highpass-setting, that most often is neglected, is eased by the
companion tool "Orientation Highpass Test".

In short, the macro tool set "Easy Orientation" allows for high quality
global orientation analyses and its operation is easy.

1. "Easy Focus" (core plugin: "Focus_LP")
Download from:

 From the ReadMe-doc:

-- "Easy Focus" returns the best focused slice of a stack that
represents a focus series. The stack can contain a single focus series
or a temporal sequence of focus series (4D-hyperstack).
-- "Easy Focus" requires stacks of square-sized image-support or
selection (ROI), with a power of two side length, i.e. for example 64,
128, 256, etc.
-- "Easy Focus"-analyses are colour-agnostic.

The development of "Easy Orientation" was especially motivated by recent
request of Dr. Darren Thomson and Dr. Ricardo Pires but similar requests
surfaced during the past years.
Compared to similar approaches available for ImageJ, "Easy Focus" is
clearly faster. It provides superior results, when compared to standard
approaches such as those investigated by Mir et al. (2014)

In short, the macro "Easy Focus" allows for fast high quality and
one-click focus analyses of focus series.



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