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Looking to hire Plugin developer

Dear all,

I am a PhD student in the neuroscience field, and have developed several ImageJ plugins to help my work. Now I want to combine the set of plugins and try to publish them in a scientific journal.

I want to outsource the development of one of these plugins. I'm therefore reaching out to the ImageJ community first, but will post this project on freelancer.com with a reward of 350 USD if no-one here are interested. If I find a good collaborator here you will get the same reward upon completion. If you are interested: email me or reply to this post, and tell me why you are a good candidate ([hidden email]).

The plugin is relatively simple and mainly just a user interface in a single frame, with much of the back-end code already written. A detailed explanation of all the functionality/buttons and example image can be found in a shared dropboxfolder  (.docx and .png).


Some useful links:



Best regards,


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